Persoonlijk Leiderschap
start 25 september 2019

Workshop Social complexity in times of war

(This workshop will be in English. Questions can be asked in Dutch, breakout conversations can be held in Dutch)

Maya Zupnik

A conversation with Maya Zupnik, teacher of English and teacher trainer both in Russia and the Netherlands.  

Maya was born and raised in Moscow in a family of scientists from Ukraine. After her studies she has been working for more than 25 years in different educational institutions in Russia and the Netherlands. Moscow State University of Microelectronics, several institutions for secondary education in Russia. She now works in a programme for gifted children at Vrije School Michael in Bussum and as a trainer for The Netherlands Education Group. 

Maya and her husband Oleg have lived in the Netherlands for about five years now. Until 2022 they were planning to go back to Russia after Olegs temporary position with Philips would be terminated. Then the war broke out. During 2023 they have cut all bonds with Russia, helped their four grown up children and grandchildren to leave/flee the country, sold their properties and withdrew from their former live completely. A thing that can easily be written down in one sentence, done over the course of 12 months, but it will have implications that last a lifetime.

During this hour, we will explore social complexity both in Russia and the Netherlands through Maya’s eyes. What has she seen and experienced regarding education in Russia? How do you deal with what one cannot resolve? If we see education as an important factor in how we create our society, what has Maya experienced in schools in Russia over the last 20-25 years? And how did she land in the Netherlands? How to blend into a new society and find your way? 


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