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15 mei 2019
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International Office

NSO-CNA Leadership Academy offers outstanding educational programs on personal and organizational development in education. We focus our work on School leadership and educational management. In the Netherlands we offer two NVAO accredited master programs for school leaders: Master of Educational Management (MEM) and Master of Integrated Leadership (MIL). Our international cooperation in capacity building  covers a wide range of partners as ministries of education, universities and Education Management Development Organizations. Our international work is fully embedded in our organization and working tradition for over 25 years. NSO-CNA is partner in the European Policy Network on School Leadership (www.schoolleadership.eu). Regarding our own internationalization efforts we make a distinction between our activities and outcomes on institute level (international beneficiaries of our capacity building projects) and on Master Programme level (our Master students).

Contact: Are you interested in our work or do you want more information on cooperation possibilities or exchange programs then contact the NSO-CNA International office: Frans A. Grobbe MSc  (f.grobbe@nso-cna.nl).