Persoonlijk Leiderschap
start 25 september 2019

A new model of educational innovation


This study presents the development process of a new model of educational innovation, that involves the use of digital technologies. The model is based on a broad theoretical framework together with research involving this long-term case study. The backbone of the model consists of a fundamental revision of a multi-level Organizational Learning Framework incorporating the influence of the external school context (outside of the school context) and various aspects of leadership. The conceptual model not only clarifies the learning capacity of the teachers and administration, in accordance with the organizational learning approach, but can also be used as a tool for the investigation of planned interventions in line with the ‘learning school’ conception. The incorporation of the concept of leadership practice strengthens the original Organizational Learning Framework on all levels in the school organization. The conceptual model integrates and improves theoretical frameworks for context-conscious leadership, organizational learning and distributed leadership. An important outcome of this study is an increased understanding of the relation between distributed leadership and collective sense-making as an important prerequisite for the incorporation of digital learning materials in teaching practice.

Auteurs: Marleen Rikkerink, Henk Verbeeten, Robert-Jan Simons en  Henk Ritzen




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